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True NZ art is not only a pleasure to own, but a delight to behold. NZ has some of the most creative and talented artists in the world. As such, we are proud to have such a wide display of NZ art here at Gift Hutt.  Believed as something you should buy yourself, art is not often thought of as a suitable gift. However, it is one of the most thoughtful and personal presents you can give someone.
Buying NZ Art as A Gift
Once you have decided to give a piece of art as a gift, next comes the choosing of the actual piece. We suggest that you consider:
• Budget - are you able to buy an original painting or a print of one?
• Space - how much space is there for displaying the artwork? Does is need to be a certain shape or size to fit?
• Colours - does the artwork need to be any specific colours? What colours does the receiver like best?
• Interests - what do they like doing? Try to choose art which encompasses their hobbies, likes or interests.
We stock a wide selection of artwork created by local Wellington based artists. From paintings to knitted mandalas, prints to watercolour paintings, you are certain to find the perfect gift of artwork right here.
Common Styles of NZ Art
New Zealand is a melting pot of cultures. This is reflected not only in our environment, but in our art too. The Maori culture heavily influences a lot of our artwork, with koru, tiki and tukutuku patterns frequently featuring within our art. Traditional English painting styles, such as those favoured by European settlers are also common. Landscape paintings are often done using acrylic paint, capturing the beautiful scenery our country is noted for. With the considerable time and materials required for each original painting proving costly for art buyers, many artists create prints of their work to sell at lower prices. Well known Wellington artist Brendan Grant has had many of his artworks printed onto affordable greeting cards. We are lucky enough to have secured a great selection of his most popular prints including the Wellington Cable Car, the Petone Settlers Museum and the Pencarrow Lighthouse. These not only make a wonderful birthday card, but can also be framed to hang upon a wall too.
As always, our friendly team would love to help you choose the perfect gift. Pop in to our Lower Hutt store or visit our online shop for more great gift ideas for the ones you love.
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