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Should You Choose Women’s Clothing as a Gift? 

Buying a present for someone special should be an enjoyable time. You decide what to buy them based upon their interests, likes and needs. Then you head over to the store or online gift shop to pick that gift. The problem being, if you have decided to give them a piece of women’s clothing as a gift, how do you choose the right piece?

In fact, should you even give a woman an article of clothing as a gift? Will she like it? Will it fit? Will she ever wear it? That’s where our handy women’s clothing gift guide comes in …

Picking the Right Piece of Women’s Clothing as a Gift

It’s true that everyone has different tastes. Some women prefer more feminine outfits; others enjoy a more casual approach. The keys to buying the right article of clothing for a woman, both yourself or as a gift, are:

·        Shop with a plan – plans are great and can help you avoid making costly mistakes. Decide upon a budget for your clothing and stick to it. Look through your wardrobe to find what items you need and those you don’t. Or do some sneaky detective work in regards to your recipient’s wardrobe!

·        Choose the right size – it is no good picking clothing which is too small, saying that it will fit once you have lost weight. It is even worse to do this when giving women’s clothing as a gift! If it is too small or too big, choose something else.

·        Pick the right fabric – clothing comes in such a wide range of fabrics, which we all have opinions about. You may find wool itchy or need only cotton fabric to avoid flaring up your eczema. Learn if the woman you are buying it for has any fabric preferences and which fabric types she may be unable to wear.

·        Look at how it has been made – a good quality garment will stand the test of time. Look for a piece with no loose stiches, pulls in the material or zips which don’t work. The upcycled women’s clothing we stock is made of an exceptionally high standard and will wear well.

·        Consider wear ability – where could you or she wear it to? Is it something for special occasions or an everyday fashion garment? Does it need dry cleaning or will it be fine in the washing machine?

Our friendly staff are more than happy to help you choose that special gift. Pop in to our Lower Hutt gift shop or browse our online selection. Any questions, please sing out!

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