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Kiwiana Gifts for Sending Overseas to Loved Ones 

Kiwiana gifts are incredibly popular both here in NZ and overseas. The Oxford N.Z Dictionary defined Kiwiana as “Any of the many ‘collectables’, items redolent of New Zealand life and culture." Our Buzzy Bee, Gumboots, L&P and Marmite are widely recognised as being NZ icons. But sending over a bottle of fizzy L&P to Japan, just isn’t practical. That’s why our local crafters have made put their thinking hats on and crafted some unique Kiwiana gifts for you.

Kiwiana Gifts to Send Overseas

Sending presents overseas is expensive. To save postage costs, the gift needs to be small and lightweight. Our handcrafters have taken this into consideration to give you many beautiful options.

·        NZ Leather Keyrings – so small they’ll fit in an envelope, a leather keyring from Baron Leather is a great choice. Available in two styles, you can pick from either a kiwi or a paua shell pattern.

·        Kiwiana Jewellery – for handmade jewellery, you can’t go past Nixie Noo Designs. Created using a large range of NZ icons, there is a piece of jewellery to suit both ladies and men. We’ve got NZ themed earrings available in paua, flax, wood pigeon, kiwi and kina design styles. Then you can team those with a paua design necklace for the ultimate fashion statement. For the guys, how about a pair of wood cufflinks with a stag’s head?

Why is Kiwiana So Important?

Growing up in New Zealand has its challenges. We are often last to get new products and movies from overseas. It takes forever to travel anywhere. We don’t even have a Disneyland! But NZ is such a wonderful place to live that most of us wouldn’t live anywhere else.

Throughout the years, there have been many inventions, quirky ideas and plain whacky things created. It is these we use to help give our country it’s unique identity and culture. New Zealanders are proud of their heritage, so precious objects and activities are important to us. That’s one of the reasons why we treasure our iconic Kiwiana symbols so much. Professor Kate Pickles from the University of Canterbury, even teaches a course on the importance of Kiwiana. She says, “In times of rapid change, Kiwiana offers something warm and fuzzy for us Kiwis to turn to.” We agree with her and know that your loved ones would love to own a piece too from our lovely Kiwiana gifts range.

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