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People don’t say, “Good things come in small packages,” for no reason. Receiving a prettily gift wrapped box is enough to send shivers down your spine. When you open your present and seeing what it is, life gets even better! We strongly believe that giving the gift of jewellery shows that you really care, because you are choosing something quite personal and special.
5 Ways Jewellery is the Perfect Gift
1. It's Personal - whether you are choosing a necklace, a bracelet or a pair of ear rings, jewellery really is a matter of personal taste. Take the time to consider what kind of jewellery your recipient wears. Do they like certain metals? Do they even have pierced ears? Pick pieces which are in similar styles to their clothing and colour preferences.
2. It's Budget Friendly - everyone can afford to buy a piece of jewellery, regardless of their budget. The great thing about the ranges we stock, is there is something for everyone and with a variety of prices too.
3. It's Timeless - you'll find fashions and trends come and go. Brooches and pendants not only outlast fads, but you can adapt them too. Try wearing a brooch as a shoe buckle or change the chain of a pendant. You'll see each piece really is timeless.
4. Limitless Choices - design choices are endless and we find new styles pop up all the time. Whether you want a starfish necklace to wear during the summer months, or a brooch featuring a NZ stamp, we've got it! The sky is the limit when it comes to finding the perfect 'ready to wear' present.
5. It's Unique -we stock many one off cufflinks, pendants, necklaces and bracelets. Many of our jewellery designers hand make their own products. You can assure your loved one that they own something no one else does, which is a great feeling.
Choosing the Perfect Piece of Jewellery
There are four easy questions to consider when choosing a piece for someone special.
1. What types do they usually wear?
2. Would they prefer something subtle or out front and centre?
3. Are they allergic to any metals?
4. What is their relationship to you?
It's actually the fourth question which most gift givers forget to ask themselves. A heart shaped pendant would be fine for your Mum, but not for your boss for instance. Consider their relationship and whether they'll misunderstand the meaning behind your present. Not that we think you'll become engaged by mistake, but that it may cause some uncomfortable silences. Remember we are here to help you out, so please ask for our advice whether in store or online.
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