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Hunting for some fabulous pet gifts? Need a present under the tree for your dog? Maybe a new blanket for your cat? Gift Hutt not only sells amazing presents for pets, but we’ve got some fabulous unique DIY gift ideas for them too!

Finding the Perfect Pet Gifts for Your Fur Baby

It is just as much fun to buy a present for a pet as it is for a person. In fact, you could even say it is more enjoyable. Your fur baby does not know that they are getting a present. So, when they get to open it, or you do it for them, there is much excitement! But like choosing gifts for people, it can be hard finding the perfect present for your cat, dog or pet fish! You want to give them something they’ll love, but which is also useful. That’s where a dog coat comes in handy. We stock Armour Heirlooms Dog Coats, which keep your dog both warm and stylish. Available in many different designs, we know of dogs who have a special outfit for different seasons or occasions such as Christmas or Easter. There is no reason our dogs can’t celebrate too!

Unique DIY Gifts for Pets

·        Do you ever get sick of tripping over your pet’s food bowl? We’ve found the solution for you. Get yourself an old set of drawers like a dressing table. Pull out the bottom drawer and place plywood over it. Cut two holes in the plywood to fit their bowls – big enough to hold them without falling to the bottom of the drawer. Open the drawer to feed your pet, shut it to tidy things away.

·        Bring out those knitting needles and knit up some toys. We’ve found a knitting pattern for a cute dog toy, but there is no reason it wouldn’t suit a cat too.

·        Personalise their pet food container. Find a sturdy container with a lid. Spray paint the outside of the container. Use stencils to print their name or other text onto the outside. Make sure that both the container and paint are food safe.

·        Give your cat a treat with a fish TV! If you have an old TV lying around, consider turning it into a fish show for your cat. It also makes a fabulous piece of furniture too.

Just like gifts for humans, gifts for our fur babies also need to be chosen carefully. If you are stuck finding the right present for your special animal, give us a call or drop in to see us! We’re your pet gifts experts!

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