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Children's Clothing Handmade In New Zealand

Buying children's clothing is one of the delights of being a parent, grandparent or close friend. Yet it can also be a challenging purchase to make. You need to consider:
• how old is the child?
• are they big or small for their age?
• do they have any allergies, such as eczema?
• what are their favourite colours?
• what is your budget?
Once you have those questions answered, then it's time to go shopping!

Buying NZ Made Children's Clothing

When purchasing kid's clothing, one of the first things to look at is the quality of the piece. Is it well sewn together? Is the fabric of a high quality? Then think about the ease of use. Does it have buttons or zips? Will the child be able to put it on without help? If required, does it allow easy nappy access? It is a good idea to consider the current and upcoming seasons. As children are continually growing, purchasing an end of season winter jacket in their current size may mean it does not fit next winter. If you are buying clothing for the next season, it is a good idea to purchase the next size up.
When purchasing online, it can be hard to check the quality of the clothing item. However, we are here to help you anyway we can, including discussing all the products we sell. Then of course, you can be assured that we stock only high quality children's clothing.
Why Buy NZ Made Kid's Clothing?
When you purchase handmade clothing from NZ craftspeople, you receive clothing which has been made with care and attention to detail. It is also a fabulous way to support smaller retailers, instead of large chain stores. The clothing is often unique in style and one off originals are a common occurrence. This makes them perfect for sending as gifts for loved ones overseas and throughout NZ.
Kruizey Kidz offer waterproof kids jackets, perfect for those wild and wet Wellington days. Pop a Possumdown beanie or scarf on a child and you can let them play outside knowing they will remain warm and toasty.  But for some great child sized costumes, you can't go past Kimz Kreations! Pirates, army soldiers and mermaids will have a blast wearing these wonderful dress-ups!
We'd love to help you pick the perfect outfit for your little someone special! Pop in store or send us and email today!

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