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Handbags are one of the most loved women's fashion accessories, both in NZ and the rest of the world. Used as both an accessory and as a carry-all, a great handbag makes the perfect gift for a special lady. Pair it together with a woollen scarf and hat to create one of the most popular presents ever. Like all gifts, the pleasure is in the giving, but you still need to make sure you choose the right ones first. We've put together our top tips for choosing handbags, scarfs, hats, shawls and other fashion accessories just for you...
Handbags Come With Plenty of Options
In order to choose the best handbag for either yourself or a friend, ask yourself a few questions first:
• How much will be carried inside it?
• What is my budget?
• Which materials would you prefer it made from?
• How large would you like it?
• Do you need any pockets inside it?
• Would you prefer a shoulder, wrist or hand strap?
• Do you have a preference on shape and colour?
These should narrow down the options for you, helping speed up the selection process and ensure you buy the best one for you or your recipient. If you are wanting a handbag which has a little bit of sparkle, many of our Let's Go Baby range of bags have hand beaded decorations sewn onto them. Or to carry more belongings or your shopping, and quite frankly who doesn't need a large bag, our Armour Heirloom collection has a stunning shoulder tote bag.
Handmade Woollen Hats and Scarfs
As much as we might dislike it, winter all comes around at the same time each year. There is nothing better than staring it straight in the eye with a toasty warm woollen hat and scarf set. Perfect fashion accessories for our infamous Wellington weather, whether you buy a set as a gift or simply for yourself, half the fun is choosing which ones to wear! We've got a fabulous range of NZ made accessories, just right for sending overseas for presents too.
• For some beautiful crocheted and knitted beanies, slouch hats, shawls and cowls, the diverse Gift Hutt accessory range something for everyone. Handmade with NZ merino and sheep's wool, they are loved by locals and tourists alike.
• Possum fur is incredibly warm, light and so soft, which is one reason why our Possumdown fashion accessory range is so popular. With gloves, beanies, scarfs and neck warmers, there is no excuse for being cold this winter!
Another popular accessory is of course jewellery. Make sure you pop over and check out our affordable range of pendants, necklaces and bracelets to
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