Possumdown Frilled Neck Warmer


Quality New Zealand made accessories made from a merino/possum wool mix.

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Possumdown is a luxury fibre that is a blend of wild brushtail possum fur and super-fine merino lambswool.

Possumdown is incredibly soft and light, yet much warmer and more water resistant than merino.

Brushtail possum fur is similar to polar bear fur because each minute fur fibre is hollow, so that it gives you superior insulation without all the bulk.  In fact, wearing Possumdown feels like being inside an amoured cocoon of weightless warmth.

New Zealand is the only place on earth where brushtail possum fur can be legally harvested.

By wearing Possumdown you’ll be helping to protect New Zealand’s natural plant and wildlife from being destroyed by the brushtail possum – an introduced species that feeds on our native trees and bird’s eggs.


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