Amour Heirlooms Wedding Garters


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Amour Heirlooms Wedding Garters

Wedding garters are a tradition that is said to have originated in the Dark Ages for weddings that is still popular today.  After the wedding festivities the wedding guests would accompany the bride and groom to the bedroom to ensure that the couple arrived safely and to wish them well.  It was considered good luck for a guest to take a small item of the brides clothing.  Over time the festivities grew more chaotic with a lot of tearing of clothing.  The garter which was used to keep up the brides stockings up was tossed and it was considered good luck for the person who caught the garter.  Along with the tradition of throwing the bouquet the person catching the garter was deemed to be the next person to get married.

These handcrafted wedding garters are unique and individual and very traditional with lacy and diamante embellishments.


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