Americana Decou-Page Glue Sealer Finish


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Americana Decou-Page Glue Sealer Finish

Americana Decou-Page Glue Sealer Finish is acid-free, water-based, low odour, fast drying, non-tacky and a matte finish.  It is specially formulated for paper to paper projects.  Use for scrapbooking, card-making, gift wrapping, signage and more.  Does not change paper colour.

Apply thin, even coats on back of paper cut-out and desired surface with brush or sponge applicator.  Position and smooth out front of paper with additional applications.  For a smooth finish, dampen brush in water prior to final application.  Dry between coats (approx 20 mins).  Let dry/cure a minimum of 24 hours before use.  Soap and water clean up while wet.


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