You can hear the ring of wedding bells, but have yet to find the perfect gift. Relax, we’ve got you covered. We have the best range of wedding gift ideas in New Zealand, including wedding anniversary gifts too! So sit back, relax and enjoy scrolling though our fantastic range of wedding gifts.
Tips to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Gift
Like any present, a wedding gift needs to be loved by the receiver. Not only does that put pressure upon the gift buyer, but also upon that engaged couple themselves too. That’s one reason why having a wedding registry is so popular nowadays. However when the couple does not have one, choosing the right gift can be a huge challenge in itself. It can be made easier by asking either yourself a few of these questions:
• What type of gifts do you not want to give?
• What is your gift buying budget?
• Would you be willing to buy a group gift?
• Do you prefer to buy gift vouchers instead?
• Would you like the gift gift wrapped and delivered directly to the engaged couple?
Most Loved Wedding Gift Ideas
When you get a present, you either love it or hate it. To avoid your gift going in the returns or exchange pile, check out some of these fabulous wedding presents:
• Amour Heirlooms Wedding Dreamcatcher – a marriage is all about dreams. Dreams of what the future holds and how we can achieve it together. Our gorgeus dreamcatchers are sewn with love and plenty of hope that your marriage will be everything you wish it would be. Featuring hand sewn sequins within a traditional heart shape, this is sure to be pride of place in any home.
• Nixie Noo Designs Clock – every home needs a clock and we’ve got some beautiful ones! Featuring lovely flowers and foliage, these clocks will cheer up any room in the newlywed’s house.
• Wedding Cards – nothing says you care more than a few carefully chosen words. Our range of wedding and everyday cards are ideal for recording your best wishes and thoughts for the happy couple.
• Ngai Tahu Pounamu – the Maori culture values pounamu or greenstone highly, making it one of their most important treasures. Often believed that when given as a gift, the receipent will have be blessed with good luck. Our greenstone pendants are hand carved in many designs and are suited to wear both as jewellery or hung within a home.
Our online gift store is bursting with fabulous gift ideas for all occasions. With our physical store located in Lower Hutt, we are a convenient choice for Wellington gift hunters too. We look forward to sharing our many wedding gift ideas and suggestions with you.
Amour Heirlooms Wedding Dreamcatchers

Add something special to your wedding day with these beautiful and unique dreamcatchers.

not rated $45.00 Select options
Amour Heirlooms Wedding Flower Girl Baskets

Your flower girl will look beautiful holding this handcrafted basket just ready to fill with flower petals.

not rated $55.00$65.00 Select options
Amour Heirlooms Wedding Garters

Amour Heirlooms Wedding Garters Wedding garters are a tradition that is said to have originated in the Dark Ages for weddings that is still popular today.  After the wedding festivities the wedding guests would accompany the bride and groom to … Read More

not rated $20.00 Select options
Amour Heirlooms Wedding Hearts

Beautifully decorated hearts that would be ideal for a wedding favour and come in a range of different lace and beaded trims.

not rated $35.00 Select options
Amour Heirlooms Wedding Horseshoes

Give the gift of good luck to the wedding couple with these gorgeous hand crafted horseshoes.  Each one is lovingly made with a range of different lace, ribbons, beads and diamantes.

not rated $35.00 Select options
Amour Heirlooms Wedding Ring Pillow

Add the finishing touches to your wedding with these beautifully finished wedding ring pillows.  Each pillow has gorgeous lace and diamante detailing.

not rated $65.00$105.00 Select options
Happily Ever After Wedding Cards

Happily Ever After Wedding Cards Three different cards using the lovely Sue Wilson dies, Lattice Frame and Happily Ever After dies that are available from Gift Hutt.  They are very elegant and so lovely to give with your wedding gifts. … Read More

not rated $8.50$12.50 Select options