Gifts for Her She’ll Instantly Love

Women love to shop, though turning the tables and buying a gift for her is another story! We know just how hard it can be when choosing the perfect Mother’s Day present for Mum, a birthday gift for your girlfriend or something special for your sister. That’s why we have created the best selection of gifts for women in New Zealand here at Gift Hutt.

Are Women Harder to Buy for Than Men?

Everyone knows that men are notoriously challenging to shop for. They either like it or they don’t, which is why we’ve shared our man buying gift tips on our Gifts for Him page. Women on the other hand, also have a bit of a reputation about being hard to buy for too. But is this really true?

Well actually no, most women are easy to buy for, it is choosing the perfect gift for her which is hard. In our many years of experience in selling gifts for women, we have discovered there are a few things to keep in mind…

  • Choose unique gifts – every woman wants to feel special, so look for unique handmade gifts. She’ll be thrilled to receive something which no one else has and be the envy of all her friends. A beautifully detailed hand knitted merino scarf or cowl is perfect for an autumn or winter birthday present. Or for the jewellery lover, a pair of handmade earrings would certainly go down a treat.
  • Choose non-shareable presents – there is nothing Mums hate more than having to share their presents with their kids! Chocolate is a sure fire way to upset her, so edible presents are a no no. Instead, choose a gift which is just for her, something she can pamper herself with. Our handmade bath salts and soaps are especially delicious because she’ll be able to spend time relaxing and pampering herself at the same time.
  • Choose useful gifts – ladies love to find a use for everything, whether it is used for decorative or physical purposes. If your nana enjoys cooking, a hand crafted apron would be well received, or a girlfriend would love her very own cloche hat or maybe even a bottle of luxury cream soap or bath oil.

Wherever you live in New Zealand, our specialist team of gift choosers can help you pick the best present for your special lady. If you’d like it gift wrapped and delivered straight to her door, we can help you with that too!

Amour Heirlooms Aprons

Look very stylish in the kitchen with these fabulous aprons in a range of colours and styles.

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Amour Heirlooms Chic Bag

Stunning carry bags made from a heavy cream fabric with a padded satin image of a famous painting and trimmed with a variety of laces and ribbons.

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Amour Heirlooms Shoulder Bag

Very stylish and spacious shoulder bag made from a lovely velour fabric in autumn tones.

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Amour Heirlooms Tea Cup Cushions

Gorgeous decorated tea cup cushions in lace, ribbons and flowers and would look great on your dressing table or as a pincushion in your sewing room.

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Botanical Beauty Co. Bath Fancies

Each box contains 4 mini cupcake soaps

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Botanical Beauty Co. Blooming Bath Oil

Relax in the bath with these beautiful scented bath oils. Blooming Bath Oils contain a natural stabiliser so do not leave an oily ring in the bath.

Presented in a 100 ml aluminium bottle.

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Botanical Beauty Co. Everyday Cream Soap

These beautiful hand crafted soaps have been made in a variety of flavours using all natural ingredients.

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Botanical Beauty Co. Luxury Cream Soap

Beautiful hand  crafted soaps that look good enough to eat. A wonderful gift for someone special.

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Botanical Beauty Co. Pure Glycerine Soap

Pure glycerine soaps in a variety of different scents. There are no SLS, NO detergents, NO parabens, NO chemical hardeners.  Approx 140 gm fully wrapped bar.

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Gift Hutt Gift Boxes

Gift boxes in a range of colours and designs for all occasions.

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Gift Hutt Merino Scarf

This scarf has been hand crocheted from 100% New Zealand merino wool in a colourway called ‘waterlily’.  The wool is variagated and ranges from pinks, purples, rust, lime green and would work well with different colours in your wardrobe.

Approximate size – 1800 mm x 100 mm.

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Grace Studio Bath Salts

Relax in the bath with these divine bath salts blended for an ultimate bathing experience.

Add 1 – 2 tbsp to pamper your feet or for a full bathing experience add 2 – 6 tbsp and soak for at least 20 minutes for the full effects to relax your muscles.

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