Children’s Gifts They’ll Love Forever 

In our lives there are plenty of occasions to give adorable children’s gifts. Birthdays, christenings, Christmas and Easter are some of the special times we enjoy present giving. But our personal favourite is the ‘just because’ reason!

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Children’s Gifts

Choosing presents for kids is a bit like buying children’s clothing. You need to take their age, likes and dislikes, skill levels and allergies into consideration. Then we also suggest you think about these four points too:

  1. Personalised Gifts – children love to receive and own things with their names on it. If you are unable to find the perfect custom made present, you could always add their name by embroidering it onto a piece of clothing or blanket.
  2. Developmental Stage – younger children enjoy doing different things from their older peers. They also have different requirements in terms of safety. Check for small buttons or pieces they could swallow.
  3. Usefulness – presents which can be used are incredibly well received by parents and kids! Consider giving children’s gifts such as clothing, bedding, sleeping bags and nappy bags.
  4. Budget – think about the amount you are prepared to pay for a gift. It’s true that the thought counts more than the price when giving presents.

Popular Present Ideas for Children

When searching for presents for children, buying age appropriate gifts is your best bet. That way you are assured they will be safe for use, be enjoyed and will be well received by their parents too. Here at our Lower Hutt store and in our online gift shop too, we stock a wide range of popular children’s gifts:

  • Need a present for a newborn? You can’t go past a nappy bag for practicality and Let’s Go Baby has some stunning handmade creations.
  • For a baby under 6 months, a baby sleeping bag in which they can stay cosy while out for walks in the pram is a brilliant idea.
  • Every little girl wants to be a princess and play dress up. We’ve just the right accessory for her hair with these pretty Ladybug Lane hair clips.
  • Help a bigger child storm the castle with their very own knights dress up costume.

Think about the types of presents you enjoyed getting when you were young. Did you prefer handmade gifts? What made a present a good one? Were you able to use it many times throughout your childhood? Remember that as NZ gift experts, we are here to help you in any way we can. Give us a call, send us an email or pop into the store and ask our advice

Amour Heirlooms Dolly Carrybag

Amour Heirlooms Dolly Carrybag This dolly carrybag from Amour Heirlooms will delight little girls with the pockets to put their little dolls and accessories.  There is a pocket in the front as well as lots of pockets inside to fit … Read More

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Amour Heirlooms Soft Toys

Amour Heirlooms Soft Toys Hi my name is Anna For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed crafting, from lead lighting, leather work, macrame, quilting, doll making, knitting, crocheting, and costume making as well as making these … Read More

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Children’s Knitwear by Teresa

Children’s Knitwear Nothing beats keeping warm than these lovely children’s knitwear by Teresa.  This knitwear is hand knitted like Nana used to do and features a range of natural fibres and acrylic mixes.

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Gift Hutt Dolls Clothes

Gift Hutt Dolls Clothes These dolls clothes have been made with attention to detail.  They feature coordinating trims in lace and ribbon and in pretty colours and patterns. To fit size: 12″ x 14″ 16″ x 18″ 18″ extra wide.

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Gift Hutt Dress Bunting

A lovely gift to give to any girl – young or old

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Gift Hutt Dress Set 11″ – 13″

Very sweet little dolls dress set consisting of dress, pants and a wee head band in a pink floral fabric and green colour with lace trims.

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Gift Hutt Flower Fairy Clock

A sweet clock that would look fabulous in a little girl’s room.

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Henry & Heidi Dolls Clothes

Henry & Heidi Dolls Clothes Dress up your dolls with these lovely hand made dolls clothes from Henry & Heidi.  Choose from dresses with matching panties, woollen hats, mittens and booties and knitted cardigans.

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Henry & Heidi Stroller Covers

Henry & Heidi Stroller Covers These stroller covers from Henry & Heidi help keep your stroller clean and fresh.  They are washable and are designed to fit a wide range of strollers.  Choose from a range of different fun patterns.

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Kimz Kreations Clown Costume

Gorgeous clown costumes that feature a long sleeve top in coordination fabrics and patterns and large flower buttons and topped off with a stretchy frill in coordinating fabrics.  Ideal for school or theatre productions or for dress ups at home.

To fit approx size 6

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Kimz Kreations Cowgirl Costume

Lovely costume comprising of a skirt, vest, and scarf and made from animal print and faux leather fringe.  Perfect for school and theatre productions.

To fit up to 6 years approx.

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Kimz Kreations Dress and Pants Set

These little sets comprise of a little dress with cross over back straps in floral fabrics with lace and ribbon trims.

To fit a 3 to 6 month old baby.

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