Gorgeous Upstyled Furniture for NZ Homes   

Gorgeous and affordable upstyled furniture is now available for purchase from Gift Hutt. Gone are the days where upstyled furniture was a way of making do with what you had. Nowadays the upstyled look is more of a lifestyle choice rather than necessity. Our furniture designers enjoy creating new and unique pieces of furniture such as coffee tables, side tables and stools. They spend hours hunting for the perfect piece to restore and then choose the perfect finishes to match each one.

Unique Upstyled Furniture

Upstyling or recycling furniture has been incredibly popular for several years now. It is true its origins are in the making-do with what you have category, rather than buying new. But with the growing popularity of the retro style, the rise of upstyling furniture was only a matter of time. 

We are finding that this decorative style is popular with people from all walks of life. Lawyers, teachers and shop assistants all love the texture of the distressed paint. They also adore the unique finishing touches our artists place on each piece they make. It is this one off uniqueness which we find customers especially enjoy. Being able to collect original pieces definitely appeals too!

Chalk Paint and Shabby Chic Furniture

Vintage colours and styles are in demand nowadays. Unfortunately, as demand increases for the older pieces, they become scarcer and more expensive. That’s one of the reasons why upstyling furniture has become so popular. The relative low cost of purchasing a revamped table or chair is much less than buying one made in the early 1900s. Our craft makers use a range of paint types and painting techniques. Chalk paint gives furniture a shabby chic appearance. It is widely used to help draw attention to carving and small details of handles or drawers. Often the sides of a table or chair are given a distressed look too.

We currently have two main suppliers of upstyled furniture: Upstyled Old to New and Purple Carrot Furniture. Both artists enjoy reclaiming furniture which has seen better days. They then transform it into more appealing and fresh versions for modern homes. The quality finish of each piece is incredible. We would love to help you choose a piece for your home. Pop in to take a look yourself or send us an email. We are more than happy to provide additional photos and measurements via email too.


Footstool Paris material or flowers

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Purple Carrot Stenciled Coffee Table

Gorgeous upstyled coffee table painted in cream and stenciled with a French themed image featuring a bee.  Finished with a wax polish for a shabby chic look.

Approximate dimensions:

Length 900 mm

Width 430 mm

Height 450 mm

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Purple Carrot Stenciled Drinks Trolley

Beautifully upcycled drinks trolley painted in grey and features stencils in a lavender and flaxen colour. There is a drawer on one side and a shelf with felt pulls out on the other side.

The trolley has a shelf at the bottom and comes on castors for easy shifting around the house.

approximate dimensions:

Length 760 mm

Width 430 mm sides down, 830 mm full width

Height 61 mm


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Purple Carrot Stenciled Side Table

Fabulous side table that has been painted in cream and stenciled in gold paint for a unique and individual piece of furniture.

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UpStyled Old to New – Door Coffee Table

Upcyled coffee table, with a door look top white and blue distressed with black legs

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UpStyled Old to New – Girls Single Bedhead

Girls single bedhead upholstered in a light purple velvety fabric with cream material buttons

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UpStyled Old to New – Kitchen Shelves

Wooden Kitchen shelves painted duck egg blue and destresed

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UpStyled Old to New – Stool pink and black

Bright pink and black stool with deer head.

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Upstyled Old to New Fold Up Table

This table has been upcycled and covered with black and white vinyl.  It folds up for easing storage and would be great to have as a spare table for your coffee.

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Upstyled Old to New Square Oak Table

This table is perfect for small rooms or as a coffee table.  Made from oak with a painted top.

Dimensions: 540 mm x 540 mm, Height 670 mm

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Upstyled Old to New Square Stool

Small square stool painted in a french green and upholstered in a bright orange fabric.

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